Understanding the Research Methodology Dissertation

Research Methodology Dissertation is very useful to Academia

If any student takes up writing a research methodology dissertation it is a great service to academia and the few generations of future students who’ll be engaged in research work. Research methodology is an unusual topic for a dissertation. Still, if any student wants to write a dissertation he/she will have to write a good thesis proposal and get approval for the dissertation. Research methodologies differ from discipline to discipline. Students face many problems in selecting appropriate methodology or methodologies.

How important is Research Methodology for a Dissertation?

The main purpose of thesis writing process is to do some research on a topic and add new knowledge on that topic or expand the existing knowledge. Research aimed at this or solving a problem is at the centre of this process. The research will be meaningful and will help collection of accurate data and information only if correct research methods are used. Therefore, selecting appropriate research methodology that can collect data that is relevant and suitable for proving or supporting thesis statement is the most important key factor in the entire process.

Why do the Readers want to know the Methodology?

Readers of a dissertation use it for expanding their knowledge, learning new approaches in a theory, new solutions to a problem etc. To accept the ideas, theories and arguments, readers have to be convinced of the relevance, accuracy and credibility. Therefore, the students have to remember that the methods used in research have a direct relationship on the results and the conclusions drawn from the results.

Readers may not be interested to know fine details of the methodology needed to repeat the research, but they have to be satisfied that the methodologies are sound and capable of delivering the data appropriate for the project. In research methodology dissertation readers expectations on explanation of research methodology also have to be studied.

Organizing the Dissertation Paper

Writing the dissertation presenting the introduction, literature review, research methodology, methods for data analysis, collected data, analysis of data and the conclusions drawn in an organized way is a big challenge. Even the very good research work looses its value if not presented in an organized manner. For this the students should work according to a plan. For writing the dissertation paper they’ll have to start with a dissertation or thesis outline. This can ensure the dissertation more clear, readable and understandable to the readers.

Writing an Excellent Dissertation with Professional Help

The Purpose of writing a research methodology dissertation is not only getting a degree. The time, money and other resources spent on a dissertation should produce something of value. If the dissertation is useful to other academics and the students then it has an intrinsic value. This value can be greatly improved by getting professional help to fine tune the research paper to a high caliber. Good thesis and dissertation writing companies such as PhDify.com help students in every aspect of writing a dissertation. Students can even buy thesis from these companies.

The Benefits of Outstanding Thesis Topic

The importance of thesis topics

Do you have a possibility to choose thesis topic on your own? If yes, then this article is for you.

In general, you are to write your thesis topic as a part of academical writing, for example, for obtaining a Master’s or PhD degree. As is obvious, thesis topic plays an important role in research paper writing. You will have to work with this topic during the whole research process that is why it is crucial to choose the most appropriate topic. Nevertheless, the process of choosing the most interesting and significant thesis topic is considered to be one of the most challenging parts of research paper writing. Well-chosen research thesis topic can help you to structure your work properly leading to necessary research questions.

The process of thesis writing calls for outstanding writing skills. Thus you will have a possibility to show your knowledge on the particular field of study.

If you’re not able to choose your own topic for thesis writing, this is not the article for you. You should go straight to this post on how to write a good thesis statement and move on from there.

How to choose the most appropriate thesis topic?

Some may say that coming up with good thesis topic is demanding and compound task. Nevertheless, when you know what is expected from your thesis topic and what steps you should follow, it may not seem so difficult.

When choosing thesis topic you should take into consideration the following aspects:

  • The manageability of the topic. Assure yourself that you are able to develop and accomplish the chosen topic by the specified deadline.

  • The access to the data necessary for the research process. Take into consideration that there should be enough information for you to perform the research paper.

  • Reliability of the resourses. Before making the final decision, assure yourself that you have chosen the most reliable and credible resources for the information needed.

  • It is a sound practice to ask your tutor to help you with the thesis topic.

  • It is appropriate to choose the topic you are familiar with.

  • If it is possible, you should choose topic that interests you much. The aspect of your concernment is vital for the thesis topics. Also the topic should be interesting to the markers and be a significant contribution to the particular subject field.

Thesis topic writing tips

  • Assure yourself that the chosen thesis topic hits the spot of all requirements. This aspect is of outmost importance!

  • Choose a broad subject at first. As you browse through that subject area, you will narrow down to the thesis topic.

  • Chalk out the list of your ideas concerning the thesis and evaluate them on order to find the most appropriate one.

Thesis topic writing assistance

If you face certain problems with thesis topic writing, you should consider such pieces of advice:

  • Browse through lists of possible thesis topics provided by various research paper writing services. Thus you will be able to study the approach of formulating thesis. Also you will have a possibility to find out how well-chosen thesis topic affects the research paper.

  • You can use our thesis topic writing help. We are glad to provide all necessary information you need. Our experienced support team works day and night in order to help you. Be sure that your paper will be done exclusively for you and will be 100% plagiarism free.

Thesis Statement is What Now?

In thesis writing, few things hold the same importance as the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the summary of your paper and is included in the introduction. Though not always necessary, having a strong thesis statement to provide a road map for your essay can prove very helpful to your readers.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the very last sentence of your first paragraph in an essay. It defines and directs the rest of the paper, giving the reader a jumping off point in understanding your main points and opposition.

When do you need a thesis statement?

You will need a thesis statement most of the time. One of the myths about thesis writing is that you always need a thesis statement.

While this is not strictly true, a thesis statement is beneficial any time you are offering an argument or explaining historical ramifications. Biographical theses do not usually require a thesis statement, unless you are making a case for the impact this historical figure had on history.

How do I write a good thesis statement?

How you go about writing your thesis statement is entirely up to you. The thesis statement is unique to your thesis and to the circumstances under which your aforementioned thesis was conceived. How you write a thesis statement, including the tone, structure, and style you use, is directly related to the tone, structure, and style of your thesis.

No one can tell you how to compose a thesis statement word for word before first reading your paper. In fact, that brings us to our next point.

When should I write the thesis statement?

While at first this seems like a silly question, it becomes apparent upon closer examination that some of the best thesis statements are written after the paper. On the other hand, just as many thesis statements are written as the paper is being written.

If you are a linear thinker with a strict outline and a good plan, you should write your thesis statement before you write your paper.

If you are the kind of writer who enjoys working with a more free-formed style and like to to focus on organization after you’ve put down most of your ideas, you should write your thesis statement after your paper.

If you “go with the flow” in your writing and do not focus on specific details, you should write your thesis statement during your paper. Your thesis statement is bound to change as you compose and revise, but this will allow you to work with your thesis statement and your paper in tandem.

Obviously, if you discover that these things don’t apply to you and you want to take a different approach to timing, there’s no harm in it at all.

Why do I need a thesis statement?

You need a thesis statement because without one, the people reading your essay will get lost. No one likes to get lost in an essay. It compels them to lower your grade.

Remember, the thesis statement is your friend.

Creating a Good Thesis

When there is a task assigned to prepare a thesis, it is obvious that you want to perform it well, to do your best. The better you will manage to write everything down, the better you will describe details and reveal the facts, the higher grade you will get. That is why creating good theses is more than essential.

In the following guide we will try to teach you how to do your best and make you thesis paper be estimated on the highest level. Please, be attentive and write down every single detail, make notes. In the long run they will help you in creating a good thesis.

Where to start from?

Though writing process refers to the core of your performance, it is what you call composing dissertations, the steps, you do before writing, are not less important. Before getting down working your goal is to put everything on scales and try to trace you train of thoughts:

• what must be done first of all?
• where to find information?
• decide on all kinds of priorities.

Listed above stages describe the preparation process. All this must be thought over and realized; otherwise you will surely face complications. And remember that everything must be done strictly, step by steps.

What must come first?

Writing you dissertations, creating good theses you are supposed to follow requirements of your institution or those customized by the professor. That is why first of all you need to study the assignment attentively and consult you curator in case of any, even slight misunderstandings.

The best way to do so and at the same time to illustrate the entire piece of work is to prepare a dissertation proposal. Ultimately you will have a plan of your performance and you can easily show it to your professor. He may propose you some changes to apply or will agree it and wish you good luck in proceeding writing.

Where to find information?

This question is substantial as well since most students still get confused when realize how much information is needed.

As you know a thesis (a dissertation) is an academic paper of the highest level. Creating a good thesis requires from a writer conducting a deep research and learning a lot of corresponding data. Basically, there are two ways to prepare information for you work:

• the 1st one (traditional) – public libraries and those available in your institution may offer a large variety of all kinds of sources; thus, you have millions of pages at your command;

• the 2nd one (modern) – technologies develop in a flash light and you can easily find all appropriate data in the internet; it is much easier but be careful, not all sources available for you on web sites are relevant for writing.

Decide on priorities

Here you goal is to find out which parts of you dissertation must get the greatest attention. One of such sections is a thesis statement. Making it up you should reveal everything that you will write on numbers of pages in one or two sentences. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit and ability to convince a reader in two words is a real talent.

Ultimately, it is good to add that there is nothing extra hard in creating good theses. The main thing to remember is that everything must fall into place.

A Practical Guide to Thesis Printing

So imagine you’ve written this amazing paper, the product of months of thesis writing. It’s 200 pages long, the fruits of all your labors. Hours of research, sweat, blood, your heart and soul went into this essay, and you want to see it in black and white, in your hands, to affirm that it wasn’t all just a hallucination. Unfortunately, thesis printing seems a daunting task.

You’d really rather not have to print it yourself. That would be time-consuming, expensive, and draining. You’d have to stand there, stacking and re-ordering the papers while your printer spits them out one by one.

What can you do?

First, get thee to Kinko’s (or some variant thereof). Print shops specialize in printing people’s massive papers and putting them into neat little packages to store away from later use. While this option can run expensive, most of the time it won’t cost you very much money at all.

If you have color in your paper for some reason, take those pages out and print them separately. Color pages can be ten times more expensive than their black-and-white counterparts, and printing black-and-white pages in color is a needless waste of funds. Instead, make sure that your pages are carefully and accurately labeled before separating them and running them through those copy machines.

This is recommended for people who don’t ever intend to look at their thesis again.

If Kinko’s is not sufficient, there are a lot of other options available for thesis printing.  Many other businesses specialize in printing dissertations and theses. In fact, some even include binding in hard-copy format. Nothing says “professionalism” like a solid, hard-cover copy of your dissertation.

If you choose this option, make sure to compare price against quality. There is no shame in considering time, cost, and final product. It’s your dissertation. They’re printing it. You want to be informed.

If they have a phone number, call the company and ask them about their services. If nothing else, it will give you a clearer picture of just what you’re getting for your money. If you know someone who’s had their dissertation printed (by someone other than Kinko’s), then you should ask them about their experiences.

Rush shipping can be either a curse or a boon.  Depending on how much more you pay for it, the process might be either shoddier (you are, after all, demanding it as fast as possible) or, perhaps, more thorough (in exchange for a ridiculous amount of money). Again, seeking testimonials is a perfectly legitimate way of getting a good deal.

The last option for thesis printing is to combine the two above tactics into a cost efficient but stylish thesis binding. While this takes a little bit more work, and is not necessarily the best option for creating more than one copy of your thesis, combining this two option can be good in a (financial) pinch. You too can create your own custom-bound thesis book by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to Kinko’s. Print the appropriate pages in color or black and white.

  2. Get a hold of some book-making materials. Hunting through craft stores shouldn’t take particularly long, and coming up with cloth and cardboard isn’t very difficult.

  3. Make a cover.

  4. Sew thesis spine together. This part can be complicated. There are lots of books on book making.

  5. Assemble.

This method is recommended for art students.

If you’re not an art student, maybe you should pony up the $50+ many professional thesis printing companies demand.

Good luck.

Thesis Paper Help

Making up a thesis paper is a task most of us deal with at least once a life. It means that you are about to graduate and perform as a real professional with an appropriate degree level. As an assignment, writing a dissertation may be daunting and difficult. To overcome such a challenge you may require theses paper help.

To realize the matter more thoroughly let’s explore it. In the following chapter we will discuss what thesis is, what complications can occur while writing and what kind of thesis paper help can be provided by corresponding services.

What is thesis paper?

A thesis paper is an academic document usually written to serve as a support for one’s academic degree. Generally it is the same as a dissertation but depending on institution rules, a thesis may be assigned to those who achieve master, or even bachelor, level.

Originally, word thesis comes from Greek and means position. Thus, a thesis paper refers to stating one’s position according a matter pointed as a thesis topic.

Since a thesis paper is an academic one, it has a lot of requirements to follow and rules to stick to. Basically, demands to theses writing may vary among universities but generally they all are similar. There may be only slight differences.

Thereby, before starting to write a work, don not hesitate to learn your institution guidelines and surely consult your mentor. More often than not universities give students a curator who attends you during the entire process and provides any theses paper help needed.

What complications can occur while writing?

As a rule, writing a thesis takes a time. Preparation and writing both are long-term and may bring about several complications. It is the main reason why student tend to call on writing services to have some thesis paper help.

Actually, there exists a vast variety of difficulties that may arise. To list them all is needless and as a matter of fact – useless, since all mistakes have individual features depending on a particular student’s skills. Let’s list only some most common of them:

• thinking up a topic (usually, students being assigned a thesis receive a list of appropriate topics but sometimes you need to make it up on your own);

• headlining a work (as any writing piece, a thesis must have engaging and provoking headline to attract a reader’s attention; some students find it challenging and ask for theses paper help);

• writing a dissertation proposal (one must be very attentive while composing a proposal; it must be up to guidelines and strict);

• lack of sources to search in (many students think difficult to decide and find sources for their research; since most internet pages are considered as inappropriate they apply to writing services);

• composing a thesis statement (thesis statement is one of the most essential elements of any dissertation that provides a reader an opportunity to make a kind of a review of the entire work; it must be written very carefully as the volume is limited).

What kind of thesis paper help can be provided?

Due to such problems exist, there is various services designed to provide thesis paper help. Applying to such assistance, you have a chance either to edit a dissertation written by you or to order a custom one composed on your particular request.

The quality and results are guaranteed by 100% money return in case of any troubles (though most services have not faced any before).

The Thesis Abstract: An Art Form

People in thesis writing make a big deal about abstracts. Those familiar with APA thesis style are no doubt very familiar with writing them. They’re not as scary as they look. Writing up an abstract quickly turns into a miniature form of art. Not really. But it’s not as hard as it looks, either. What is an abstract? An abstract is short summary or introduction that precedes any kind of APA-formatted paper. It has very specific formatting with a pretty uniform definition of content.

What does an abstract look like?

  • 1″ margins

  • 100 – 150 words

  • “Abstract” at the top of the page

  • Addresses key points that will be covered in the text

  • The word “keywords” followed by the keywords

The abstract should be formatted the same way everything else in an APA-style paper is formatted. This includes the one inch margins standard of most essay styles and Times New Roman or Arial font.

The abstract should be 100 – 150 words long. Sometimes, if the paper is short, the abstract can be shorter. It should never be shorter than 70 words, unless your instructor or professor gives you alternate instructions.

Print the word “abstract” at the top of the page. Center it. Do not bold, italicize, or underline the word. Make sure everything is properly double spaced.

Address the key points of your paper. Also, include the sources that you will be using. For help determining your key points, just try looking at the thesis outline you have written for this paper.

What is the purpose of an abstract?

Abstracts make it easier for people to figure out what they are getting in an essay. It makes it easy to find relevant information and remain on topic in research. It also helps people classify and understand the information in context with other writings.

Abstracts serve as a brief summary of the ideas and methods of research that will be examined in the paper. Without an abstract, it would take a considerably longer amount of time to process and organize the essays written.

When you are writing your abstract, try to keep these key points in mind.

  • Be concise. You have an entire paper to examine every minute detail. You can spend as much time as you want on these things within your essay or article. Your abstract is not the place to ramble.

  • Be clear. If no one understands you, there’s no point in having an abstract. In fact, if you are unintelligible, there isn’t any point in writing a paper at all. Make sure it’s possible to get the main points of the paper from the abstract.

  • Be approachable. Don’t use language that is too complicated for the people you think will be reading your paper. An overly complicated abstract will turn them off, and they’ll never get to the actual research you have done.

Good luck writing your abstracts. Following the steps above will greatly simplify the process.

Understanding the Meaning of “Dissertation Thesis”

“Dissertation Thesis” Refers to the Document Presenting Empirical Research Results

If a student is required to write a dissertation thesis, it generally means that the student is required to write a thesis report which is termed also as a dissertation. A dissertation or a thesis presents the findings of research work submitted to obtain a degree or professional qualification. The words thesis and dissertation are used interchangeably within the scholastic sphere. But depending on the university and the country the meaning of these two words can have a subtle difference. In Some countries and Universities thesis is written and submitted for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree and a dissertation is written for a Doctorate. But in other countries the words are used in the reverse order.

Other Meanings of Thesis and Dissertation

Without any reference to a university degree, dissertation means a treatise on some subject. It could be a discourse on a specific topic in that area. Academics and the professionals write dissertations to present their findings to the scholarly and professional world. Thesis also has a different meaning without reference to any university degree thesis. Thesis is the main idea, argument or the main claim of an essay, thesis or a dissertation. When writing an essay, a thesis or a dissertation, a thesis statement is developed and the entire writing is based on this thesis statement. However, all these meanings are in different and isolated contexts. But if you were looking for the meaning of thesis dissertation in context of degree level research project, then it would most likely be referring to the document submitted by students to obtain their degrees.

Pre-Resaearch Phase

Thesis refers to the document submitted for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in USA and a dissertation is submitted for a Doctoral Degree. But in UK reverse is true, i.e. thesis is submitted for obtaining a Doctoral degree. Dissertation is the document connected with Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees. If you are to write a thesis dissertation for any of these degrees it is necessary to know about the particular requirements. First of all the student has to select the subject area and topic for his/her research. This must be done in consultation with the professor and the research project supervisor. After this a preliminary literature review is necessary to narrow down the topic for the research. In most cases, a research proposal has to be forwarded for the approval of the supervisor or the dissertation committee. The preparation of the proposal alone can take about six months.

Dissertation Phases

After the proposal is approved or the topic is selected student can start the work on research. A research plan and a thesis outline for the thesis dissertation should be made to finish the project in time without any problems. Students may start the project off with secondary research through the library sources, web searches and other sources of literature. This supports the literature review section of the thesis or the dissertation. The designing of the research methodology and executing the research investigation is the next phase. This comprises of interviews, surveys, field investigations and laboratory experiments etc depending on the nature of the topic and the methodologies selected. Finally, the collected research data should be analyzed and presented appropriately in a thesis or dissertation report.

How to Write a Thesis/Dissertation

Writing the Thesis has to be done according to the accepted writing style. A handbook is generally issued with precise and detailed instructions on all aspects of dissertation or thesis writing. The general structure of a thesis dissertation includes a thesis abstract, introduction, main body containing a number of chapters, conclusion, references and appendices. Writing a thesis dissertation for a Master’s degree may take six months to one year. For a Doctoral Research Degree it may take one year to two or three years.

With busy schedules, unforeseen circumstances like ill health, involvements in personal, business or family affairs student may face interruptions to this complicated project. Such interruptions can sometimes leads to long term delays, postponements or abandoning of the degree. Instead of giving up on the entire educational career, students can engage the help of a professional thesis writing service, for continuation of writing the thesis. If this is done at the beginning of the research project your degree is guaranteed, even in the face of any adverse circumstance.

Techno Savvy Information Technology Thesis

Writing an Information Technology Thesis Need not be a Tough Job

Writing an Information Technology Thesis is not an easy task for a student who is not an IT student. IT students are required to do their thesis, they may choose to do a research work to find a solution to a problem; writing new algorithms; developing new software; finding new architectures for building new computer systems or finding new protocols for connecting various technologies. But this is not the case for students who are not IT students. While IT students write thesis in IT other students studying Social Sciences may opt to write a thesis on the subject of IT. If this is the direction of the IT thesis, then there are many angles to explore.

Various Applications of Information Technology

The technical term information technology first appeared fifty years ago. Though Information Technology is still young, the knowledge base, the applications, widespread use, benefits to mankind and the distribution of benefits among people are greater than any of the sciences or the technologies known so far. Therefore IT has taken a prominent role if not the most important one in almost all the spheres of human activities. The role in the fields of diverse fields like Economics, Communication, Banking, Entertainment, Medicine and Agriculture are obvious. It is impossible to name a human activity that has not found application of IT for improving and innovating. Students writing information technology thesis have to be careful to identify a narrow specific topic to write on, as the field is very wide.

Know the Branches of Information Technology

During the short period of its existence Information technology developer at a very rapid rate and broadened so much and now there are many overlapping areas with Communication technology. It is becoming customary nowadays to refer to the combination of these two technologies as Information and Communication technology (ICT). The divers nature of the subject has given rise to a vast number of independent subjects if study under Information Technology. This makes the task of selecting a thesis topic ever more difficult.

Here are only a few subjects coming under the umbrella of Information technology.

• Computer systems
• Computer programming
• IT in organizations
• Databases
• Networks and data communications
• Systems analysis and design
• IT project management.

Writing the Information Technology Thesis

After the students selects an appropriate, narrow and specific topic for his/her information technology thesis next step will be developing a thesis. Thesis is the main argument or the main idea of the thesis paper. It shall be concise and fully explain what is in the thesis paper. After developing the thesis idea it becomes the working thesis as it may be necessary either to modify or change the thesis. Next step of thesis writing is researching the sources available and identified during the prior research. Once enough evidence, arguments and data are gathered through the research, they have to be organized and presented in a clear, logical and coherent manner. In doing so, accepted formats have to be adhered.

The Best Information Technology Thesis

How can you submit an excellent Information technology thesis that could become one of the best written in your department. Get all possible assistance from every available source. The best help available is from PhDify.com that provides thesis help ranging from topic selection to proof reading stage. Students can also order a custom written thesis which can be used as a customized thesis example to guide the student’s thesis submission.

Referring to a Methodology Example Can be Helpful

Methodology Example Can be Used to Guide the Selection of Appropriate Research Methodology

Before selecting the research methodology, the students will benefit from studying a good methodology example and decide which research methodology is the most appropriate for the research project. Research is one of the most advanced human intellectual processes. The main purpose of research is to expand the human knowledge by examining various topics by finding answers to questions that are not adequately explained or understood. Scientific method is at the root of research process involving investigations and developing of new knowledge. Depending on the study objective and the study questions, the researcher must decide whether a qualitative or a quantitative method is appropriate.

Two Main Types of Research Methodologies

Qualitative methods were used in sociology and anthropology until recent times and today these methods are used in other social sciences too. Normally the samples used in qualitative research are smaller compared to the sample used in quantitative methods. There are disagreements among academics on the relative merits of the qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods find answers to problems examining the issues deeper. The accuracies of qualitative research results are questioned by some. Quantitative methods have the appearance of precision; but the results will largely depend upon how the results are obtained and analyzed.

Research Methodology Has to Explain How the Research is Conducted

Research methodology section of a short simple research paper may contain a description of how the research is carried out. But in a detailed research thesis or a dissertation, the methodology shall explain not only the process but the theories and assumptions leading to the selection of particular methodology for the project. Students can benefit greatly by reading a methodology sample, before choosing the appropriate methodology for the project. When students prepare their thesis outline, they must include various sub sections of the methodology chapter such as the methodology overview, the research design, the sampling strategy, chosen research method and justifications, data collection and analysis and finally the limitations of the methodology being applied.

Methodology and the Process of Thesis Writing

Although there may be slight variations, first step of basic research process involves finding a research problem and studying it closely to define the problem. The definition of the problem and the predicted answer has to be summarized as a thesis statement which is also referred to as hypothesis. The research process is designed to collect data and information to prove this hypothesis. The research methodology is the methods used for collecting the data and analyzing the data. The setting up of the methods for carrying out the research and analyzing the data has to be done at the very beginning of the research. If the student has decided on an exploratory study, the study questions will be left without any predicted hypothesis which will only emerge at the end of the study.

How to use Professional Help to Design the Research Methodology

Designing the research methodology is not an easy task. The reliability and validity of the entire study is largely dependent on the robustness of the methodology. To design a respectable research methodology, students should closely study a methodology example of a successful thesis or a dissertation. This should be in the same field and closely aligned with the same topic area which the student intends to pursue. Many students get professional help to write thesis, especially the methodology section. If they choose to buy thesis, then all the chapters in the thesis, including the methodology will be custom written for the student. So, if you are struggling you’re your thesis project, getting professional help from a good thesis writing company like PhDify.com can greatly enhance the quality of the thesis.