Managing the Demanding Nature of a Doctor Thesis

A Doctor Thesis Should Make Significant Contributions to Knowledge

Doctor Thesis is written by graduate students as a requirement for obtaining their doctorates. Writing a doctoral thesis is not a simple or slight task. That is why you do not find many people who are having the title Dr. before their names. Even a fair proportion of students starting studies for their doctorates fail to earn their doctorates. Doctoral Thesis is known as dissertation in USA. Doctor thesis is evaluated mainly on the merits of the findings and discoveries presented in the thesis and the contribution to the knowledge by the study.

Selecting a Topic for the Doctor Thesis

The success or failure of the Doctor Thesis depends to a great extent on the selection of the topic. This will lay the foundation for the entire research project and dictate the research methodologies etc. Some of the points to consider in selecting a suitable topic include:

• The topic has to be interesting to you. You must be ready to learn everything and more about this topic for you to maintain your enthusiasm.
• Your advisor must feel confident about the merit of the topic and must hold expertise in the topic area to direct you properly. If the later is not the case, you may need to request for a new advisor.
• The topic you are selecting should be unique so that you can do a significant research that can contribute novel knowledge to the field of study.
• Select a narrow niche where you are able to focus on a subject which only a few expert scholars have explored. Research on a wide topic takes a long time to complete and your findings can get diluted among the work of many.
• Think about your career path. A doctoral degree will influence your career immensely so, the topic you choose should be well aligned with the career goals.

Importance of the Reserch Methodology

Students have to start the research once the thesis topic is selected. Research work has to be well planned. The student must draw up a research plan and a timetable for the whole research process. The plan has to clearly show all the steps of the process with the starting and finishing dates of each task. Breaking down the whole process into small parts helps applying a linear activity flow process in to the work. The research must yield the information, arguments, evidence, and data needed to prove a substantial thesis. At the doctoral level, the rigor, validity and reliability of the research methodology is thoroughly contested. Therefore, the methodology of the study must be able to withstand the scrutiny of the Doctoral thesis committee.

A Tentative Thesis Structure

When writing your Doctor Thesis it is essential that you prepare a thesis outline. The outline must be formed according to the accepted structure. Following is a common structure, which can be modified slightly as per the requirement of the type of topic.

1. Declaration
2. Title page
3. Acknowledgments
4. Dedication
5. Table of contents
6. Thesis Abstract
7. Introduction
8. Literature review
9. Research Methodology
10. Result Analysis and Discussion
11. Conclusion
12. References
13. Appendices

Is Thesis Help useful for Doctor Thesis?

The need for enlisting research support for a Doctor Thesis is rather important. This dissertation or thesis project can be a longitudinal study which spans over a time, or a study that covers a very wide sample base. The field research may be extensive and you may have chosen quantitative methods with a large study sample. If support is enlisted, student may be able to devote more time to the writing of the thesis. On the other hand, if the writing is entrusted to a professional thesis writing help source, then the student can be fully engaged in the field research which is the most critical part of an empirical study. So if you are a doctoral student that is feeling overwhelmed by the sheer demanding nature of a doctor thesis, seek help promptly so that your thesis will be completed on schedule than be delayed or remain uncompleted.