Produce a MBA Thesis that Earns You a Place in the Convocation

MBA Thesis Is a Requirement for Getting Master of Business Administration Degree

MBA Thesis is the research paper required to get the Master of Business Administration Degree and is the same as MBA dissertation. For writing a MBA thesis students have to select an appropriate topic from various subject areas falling within the branch of Business Management. The type of thesis to be written is a key decision to be made by the student at the very outset of the project. The available options include explorative thesis or conforming thesis and each type will have different research objectives and methodologies. Some studies may involve collection of primary data by surveys and interviews while other thesis projects may depend on desk research and use case study based research.

The Purposes Served by the MBA Thesis

The MBA thesis is written after an in-depth research on a real issue and in many cases it may involve one or few organizations. The main purpose of the MBA thesis is to show the student’s knowledge of the topic and his/her research and analytical skills. The research may also help the organization or a particular sector of business that was the focus and context of the study. Sometimes the organizations offer financial help as scholarships and grants for the students undertaking research into problems of their organizations or the sector as a whole. It is very easy for collecting data and information under a sponsored research as the organizations involved can offer assistance in data collection through various modes as observations, surveys and assessing secondary sources.

Thesis Proposal is Very Important Part of MBA Thesis

Thesis proposal is the first step of thesis writing exercise. Normally such a proposal can be of 2000-2500 words in length. The students have to prepare the thesis proposal in consultation with the supervisor assigned for the project so that there is a common concensus to the acceptability of the direction and topic being considered. The proposal should contain an abstract, introduction to the research problem, expected outcomes, proposed research methodology and methods for data analysis. The thesis proposal has to be approved by the thesis committee before the student can start work on research. While the requirements for MBA thesis proposal are not as tough as that for a Doctoral Thesis proposal, students still need to adhere to a proper proposal structure and provide all relevant information that can justify the approval of the proposal.

Writing the MBA Thesis

The writing style for the MBA thesis differs from one school to another. The students can get confirmation about the requirements of their department of stud from their supervisors. A student will also be issued with a handbook and instruction document at the very outset, which carries all the requirements of the thesis submission. Reading a thesis sample can also help the student to see the structure and format of the MBA thesis. The collection and compiling the information gathered from research has to be done very systematically to ensure speedy writing of the thesis and maintaining smooth flow of ideas from one section to the next. The final draft should undergo professional editing and proofreading to ensure the high caliber expected by educational institutions as Masters level studies.

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