Referring to a Methodology Example Can be Helpful

Methodology Example Can be Used to Guide the Selection of Appropriate Research Methodology

Before selecting the research methodology, the students will benefit from studying a good methodology example and decide which research methodology is the most appropriate for the research project. Research is one of the most advanced human intellectual processes. The main purpose of research is to expand the human knowledge by examining various topics by finding answers to questions that are not adequately explained or understood. Scientific method is at the root of research process involving investigations and developing of new knowledge. Depending on the study objective and the study questions, the researcher must decide whether a qualitative or a quantitative method is appropriate.

Two Main Types of Research Methodologies

Qualitative methods were used in sociology and anthropology until recent times and today these methods are used in other social sciences too. Normally the samples used in qualitative research are smaller compared to the sample used in quantitative methods. There are disagreements among academics on the relative merits of the qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods find answers to problems examining the issues deeper. The accuracies of qualitative research results are questioned by some. Quantitative methods have the appearance of precision; but the results will largely depend upon how the results are obtained and analyzed.

Research Methodology Has to Explain How the Research is Conducted

Research methodology section of a short simple research paper may contain a description of how the research is carried out. But in a detailed research thesis or a dissertation, the methodology shall explain not only the process but the theories and assumptions leading to the selection of particular methodology for the project. Students can benefit greatly by reading a methodology sample, before choosing the appropriate methodology for the project. When students prepare their thesis outline, they must include various sub sections of the methodology chapter such as the methodology overview, the research design, the sampling strategy, chosen research method and justifications, data collection and analysis and finally the limitations of the methodology being applied.

Methodology and the Process of Thesis Writing

Although there may be slight variations, first step of basic research process involves finding a research problem and studying it closely to define the problem. The definition of the problem and the predicted answer has to be summarized as a thesis statement which is also referred to as hypothesis. The research process is designed to collect data and information to prove this hypothesis. The research methodology is the methods used for collecting the data and analyzing the data. The setting up of the methods for carrying out the research and analyzing the data has to be done at the very beginning of the research. If the student has decided on an exploratory study, the study questions will be left without any predicted hypothesis which will only emerge at the end of the study.

How to use Professional Help to Design the Research Methodology

Designing the research methodology is not an easy task. The reliability and validity of the entire study is largely dependent on the robustness of the methodology. To design a respectable research methodology, students should closely study a methodology example of a successful thesis or a dissertation. This should be in the same field and closely aligned with the same topic area which the student intends to pursue. Many students get professional help to write thesis, especially the methodology section. If they choose to buy thesis, then all the chapters in the thesis, including the methodology will be custom written for the student. So, if you are struggling you’re your thesis project, getting professional help from a good thesis writing company like can greatly enhance the quality of the thesis.