Techno Savvy Information Technology Thesis

Writing an Information Technology Thesis Need not be a Tough Job

Writing an Information Technology Thesis is not an easy task for a student who is not an IT student. IT students are required to do their thesis, they may choose to do a research work to find a solution to a problem; writing new algorithms; developing new software; finding new architectures for building new computer systems or finding new protocols for connecting various technologies. But this is not the case for students who are not IT students. While IT students write thesis in IT other students studying Social Sciences may opt to write a thesis on the subject of IT. If this is the direction of the IT thesis, then there are many angles to explore.

Various Applications of Information Technology

The technical term information technology first appeared fifty years ago. Though Information Technology is still young, the knowledge base, the applications, widespread use, benefits to mankind and the distribution of benefits among people are greater than any of the sciences or the technologies known so far. Therefore IT has taken a prominent role if not the most important one in almost all the spheres of human activities. The role in the fields of diverse fields like Economics, Communication, Banking, Entertainment, Medicine and Agriculture are obvious. It is impossible to name a human activity that has not found application of IT for improving and innovating. Students writing information technology thesis have to be careful to identify a narrow specific topic to write on, as the field is very wide.

Know the Branches of Information Technology

During the short period of its existence Information technology developer at a very rapid rate and broadened so much and now there are many overlapping areas with Communication technology. It is becoming customary nowadays to refer to the combination of these two technologies as Information and Communication technology (ICT). The divers nature of the subject has given rise to a vast number of independent subjects if study under Information Technology. This makes the task of selecting a thesis topic ever more difficult.

Here are only a few subjects coming under the umbrella of Information technology.

• Computer systems
• Computer programming
• IT in organizations
• Databases
• Networks and data communications
• Systems analysis and design
• IT project management.

Writing the Information Technology Thesis

After the students selects an appropriate, narrow and specific topic for his/her information technology thesis next step will be developing a thesis. Thesis is the main argument or the main idea of the thesis paper. It shall be concise and fully explain what is in the thesis paper. After developing the thesis idea it becomes the working thesis as it may be necessary either to modify or change the thesis. Next step of thesis writing is researching the sources available and identified during the prior research. Once enough evidence, arguments and data are gathered through the research, they have to be organized and presented in a clear, logical and coherent manner. In doing so, accepted formats have to be adhered.

The Best Information Technology Thesis

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