Thesis Statement is What Now?

In thesis writing, few things hold the same importance as the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the summary of your paper and is included in the introduction. Though not always necessary, having a strong thesis statement to provide a road map for your essay can prove very helpful to your readers.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the very last sentence of your first paragraph in an essay. It defines and directs the rest of the paper, giving the reader a jumping off point in understanding your main points and opposition.

When do you need a thesis statement?

You will need a thesis statement most of the time. One of the myths about thesis writing is that you always need a thesis statement.

While this is not strictly true, a thesis statement is beneficial any time you are offering an argument or explaining historical ramifications. Biographical theses do not usually require a thesis statement, unless you are making a case for the impact this historical figure had on history.

How do I write a good thesis statement?

How you go about writing your thesis statement is entirely up to you. The thesis statement is unique to your thesis and to the circumstances under which your aforementioned thesis was conceived. How you write a thesis statement, including the tone, structure, and style you use, is directly related to the tone, structure, and style of your thesis.

No one can tell you how to compose a thesis statement word for word before first reading your paper. In fact, that brings us to our next point.

When should I write the thesis statement?

While at first this seems like a silly question, it becomes apparent upon closer examination that some of the best thesis statements are written after the paper. On the other hand, just as many thesis statements are written as the paper is being written.

If you are a linear thinker with a strict outline and a good plan, you should write your thesis statement before you write your paper.

If you are the kind of writer who enjoys working with a more free-formed style and like to to focus on organization after you’ve put down most of your ideas, you should write your thesis statement after your paper.

If you “go with the flow” in your writing and do not focus on specific details, you should write your thesis statement during your paper. Your thesis statement is bound to change as you compose and revise, but this will allow you to work with your thesis statement and your paper in tandem.

Obviously, if you discover that these things don’t apply to you and you want to take a different approach to timing, there’s no harm in it at all.

Why do I need a thesis statement?

You need a thesis statement because without one, the people reading your essay will get lost. No one likes to get lost in an essay. It compels them to lower your grade.

Remember, the thesis statement is your friend.