Understanding the Meaning of “Dissertation Thesis”

“Dissertation Thesis” Refers to the Document Presenting Empirical Research Results

If a student is required to write a dissertation thesis, it generally means that the student is required to write a thesis report which is termed also as a dissertation. A dissertation or a thesis presents the findings of research work submitted to obtain a degree or professional qualification. The words thesis and dissertation are used interchangeably within the scholastic sphere. But depending on the university and the country the meaning of these two words can have a subtle difference. In Some countries and Universities thesis is written and submitted for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree and a dissertation is written for a Doctorate. But in other countries the words are used in the reverse order.

Other Meanings of Thesis and Dissertation

Without any reference to a university degree, dissertation means a treatise on some subject. It could be a discourse on a specific topic in that area. Academics and the professionals write dissertations to present their findings to the scholarly and professional world. Thesis also has a different meaning without reference to any university degree thesis. Thesis is the main idea, argument or the main claim of an essay, thesis or a dissertation. When writing an essay, a thesis or a dissertation, a thesis statement is developed and the entire writing is based on this thesis statement. However, all these meanings are in different and isolated contexts. But if you were looking for the meaning of thesis dissertation in context of degree level research project, then it would most likely be referring to the document submitted by students to obtain their degrees.

Pre-Resaearch Phase

Thesis refers to the document submitted for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in USA and a dissertation is submitted for a Doctoral Degree. But in UK reverse is true, i.e. thesis is submitted for obtaining a Doctoral degree. Dissertation is the document connected with Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees. If you are to write a thesis dissertation for any of these degrees it is necessary to know about the particular requirements. First of all the student has to select the subject area and topic for his/her research. This must be done in consultation with the professor and the research project supervisor. After this a preliminary literature review is necessary to narrow down the topic for the research. In most cases, a research proposal has to be forwarded for the approval of the supervisor or the dissertation committee. The preparation of the proposal alone can take about six months.

Dissertation Phases

After the proposal is approved or the topic is selected student can start the work on research. A research plan and a thesis outline for the thesis dissertation should be made to finish the project in time without any problems. Students may start the project off with secondary research through the library sources, web searches and other sources of literature. This supports the literature review section of the thesis or the dissertation. The designing of the research methodology and executing the research investigation is the next phase. This comprises of interviews, surveys, field investigations and laboratory experiments etc depending on the nature of the topic and the methodologies selected. Finally, the collected research data should be analyzed and presented appropriately in a thesis or dissertation report.

How to Write a Thesis/Dissertation

Writing the Thesis has to be done according to the accepted writing style. A handbook is generally issued with precise and detailed instructions on all aspects of dissertation or thesis writing. The general structure of a thesis dissertation includes a thesis abstract, introduction, main body containing a number of chapters, conclusion, references and appendices. Writing a thesis dissertation for a Master’s degree may take six months to one year. For a Doctoral Research Degree it may take one year to two or three years.

With busy schedules, unforeseen circumstances like ill health, involvements in personal, business or family affairs student may face interruptions to this complicated project. Such interruptions can sometimes leads to long term delays, postponements or abandoning of the degree. Instead of giving up on the entire educational career, students can engage the help of a professional thesis writing service, for continuation of writing the thesis. If this is done at the beginning of the research project your degree is guaranteed, even in the face of any adverse circumstance.